Standard Pipe Repairs

Hard Rubber StemRegular-Large$ 20.00
Hard Rubber StemExtra Large$ 24.00
Hard Rubber StemTwin bore (if available)$ 24.00
Hard Rubber Stem7-9" Churchwarden$ 26.00
Hard Rubber StemFreehand Danish$ 24.00
Acrylic Lucite std. black & colorsSmall, Medium, Large$ 24.00
Acrylic Lucite std. black & colorsEx Lg, Standard & Danish$ 26.00
Bakelite std. black, yellow & amberSmall, Medium & Large$ 22.00
Bakelite Fancy yellow & assorted colorsSmall, Medium & Large$ 24.00
>Bend Stem< (add per each stem)Any stem needing bent$ 3.00
Special Cut/Danish StyleVulcanite or Lucite$ 5.00 & up
Delrin Tenon Plug in StemRefit bit w/new tenon$ 18.00
Savinelli Triangular 6mm Filter TenonSpecial Custom Made$ 24.00
Briar PlugPatch hole in bowl heel$ 20.00
Nickel Silver band-SShort - regular$ 18.00
Nickel Silver band-LLong - Special$ 24.00
Sterling Silver Band-SShort - regular$ 32.00
Sterling Silver Band-LLong - Special$ 39.00
Ream, Clean & PolishCut cakes, re-drill, refreshed$ 10.00 & up
Refinish pipe bowlSand, Stain & Polish$ 25.00 & up
Mortise SleeveBriar or Delrin Insert$ 20.00 & up
Dunhill White Dot / Savinelli Brass Dot1/16"$ 10.00
Barling Cross, Peterson P - Stem StampingWhite$ 10.00
Charatan Cp - Stem StampingWhite$ 10.00
New GBD, Jobey, Etc. LogosMetal$ 15.00
GBD label, Ashton Logo & othersTransfer Logo to new stem$ 10.00
Jobey Link replacementFactory or Custom link$ 18.00
Broken shank rejoinedInner tube$ 20.00 & up
New Briar shank w/new bitInner tube$ 45.00 & up
New Briar shank w/original bitInner tube$ 30.00 & up
Top off bowlFlatten or shorten top$ 15.00
Crack line bowl per 1 pinRefinished and pinned$ 20.00 & up
Peterson System bit (No Logo)(if available)$ 35.00
Peterson Std bit or Tankard (No Logo)(if available)$ 25.00
Tighten & polish stemAny material stem$ 5.00
Calabash Meerschaum BowlsNew Cup fitted$ 48.00 & up
Cut shank - shortenBore & shoulder / square$ 15.00
Extra thin or fantail custom cutVulcanite or Lucite$ 10.00 & up
Caminetto style Lucite bitCustom cut not factory$ 10.00 extra
Push Pull connections installedMeerschaum pipes$ 16.00
Bone fittings removedMeerschaum & Stems$ 10.00 & up
New Aluminum fittings installedMale/Female (if available)$ 15.00
Transfer original Alum. fittings(male) to new stem$ 5.00
Repairs not listed aboveCall Tony @ 307-283-2979Price quote

Repairs not listed above and pipe duplications please contact Tony for a price quote.

For repairs please fill out the form on the Repair Form page and send it with your pipe.


As you would expect, I do pipe repairs with the utmost care for every pipe in my care. Unfortunately, due to the fragile nature of Briar , Meerschaum and other materials used to make pipes, all responsibility is with the owner for any damage done to a pipe during the repair process. Any undisclosed breakage or shank cracks will be repaired at the owner's cost before proceeding with the requested repairs. Minimum Reaming and Cleaning will be done at no charge to benefit a better stem fit and final bowl polish.

Tony Maddox or Classic Pipes & Repair will not be held responsible for any lost package or damage to any contents by the shipping company coming to or returning from Classic Pipes & Repair or back to the owner. It is your responsibility for insurance coverage on your Pipe Repairs. Please request insurance, if necessary, back to you. Otherwise, it will be shipped back to you without insurance coverage.

Thank you for your business,

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